Spring Equinox 20.3.2019 & Cosmic Winds

We came home a little less than a week ago from our trip to Thailand. It was quite a heavy working trip, the most demanding so far. I will tell more about that in this blog later on because now we have a more acute topic in the air.

The ongoing general energy is very suspenseful. At our return home I noticed that the energy here in Finland is very different from the energy near the equator. The electric, cosmic energy had become more compact and is now moving fast and can be felt especially in the finer energy bodies. During our absence of three weeks, there had been major changes. That might be partly due to the solar storms that have had an influence here.

When one looks at the big picture, at the level of the solar system, big changes are once again happening. My feeling is that cosmic help is given to this time of the opposition of the black and the white moon. This change concerns mostly individuals, not so much the global level. I am not expecting any collective, bigger change taking place yet.

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