Summer solstice 21.6.2019

Sunday 16.6.2019 – Eija

This year we get to receive the energies of the summer solstice on 21.6. at 6.54 pm (Finnish time). I explored the theme of this solstice here in Dharamsala where we are getting ready for Patrick’s solar return. His solar return falls at a wonderful point in time because the Buddhists are in the middle of their Saga Dawa month (4.6.-2.7.) when all spiritual practices and good deeds will multiply by 100 000.

The most important day is, however, tomorrow 17.6. which is the day of the full moon when all virtues will grow million fold. So spend Monday at 17.6. wisely. With good thoughts and deeds, you can create a better future for everybody but first and foremost you should remember all spiritual practices and in this way help yourself.  

The exact moment of the summer solstice also falls on this month and we are spending it in very sensitive and feminine energies. It is the day of bringing together the body, the soul and the spirit with the thought that “May my body serve my Spirit/consciousness. I lay all the aspects of my being to serve the Divine.” This is a formidable theme and it follows up the direction of ascending of the last years.

Much sensitive emotional energies will become stronger and it can be guided towards Upstairs lovingly. There is the possibility to activate and strengthen creativity. The higher the energies you reach for; the purer ideas you can receive. The idea behind this is that when you want to serve the entirety with your abilities and ideas, i.e. to dedicate them to the good of all, the purer is the energy you receive.

Spiritual responsibility, compassion, and feminine wisdom will become stronger.

At the concrete level, it would be good to find a place that carries the strong energy of earth because it gives balance to the sensitive emotion energy that is on the move. The energies of the air can be found higher up away from the sea. So, a place higher up where there is a portal would serve the zero hour best. But it would also be good to have rock under your feet, so Mother Earth can strengthen and support the energy of that moment while high energy flows through us to Mother Earth. When body-soul-consciousness is joined in the holy spirit, the Divine flow also benefits our Mother.

Let’s once again join together for the benefit of a higher direction and a brighter future. Each of us there where we are without forgetting how powerful joint energy can become the more there is souls gathered together that are aiming for the same goal.

Let’s forget about the Midsummer Day which is only a cheap copy of the most powerful event of the summer and join together in pure collective power.

Death does not exist

28.1.2018 – Eija

Facing death and the afterlife

My near-death experience

I am racing at a tremendous speed in a light vortex, and I sense, become aware that there are two great Light beings guiding my flying. These Light beings are on both sides of me. The speed is indescribable, but I cannot determine the direction I’m racing towards. I’m only aware of the enormous velocity of the vibration. Maybe it indeed is solely an increase of vibration and transitioning to a higher level.

We arrive at a “state”, where there is only rippling, crystal-like light and incredible peace and love. The same is also still transmitted from the bright Helpers that are next to me. I experience deep joy and peace.

I become aware that I’m “far away” from my own body that is at this moment lying somewhere in a critical state surrounded by doctors and nurses. My Helpers radiate great love and make me understand that I’m at the first gate of death. I’m filled with deep understanding, awareness of God, Love. It is everything I have ever ached for.

My whole being and soul appeal that I could remain in that state, but they communicate that I have to return and not the least for the sake of my children of which the youngest is fighting for survival at this very moment somewhere there.

My wonderful Helpers also let me know that it is time for them to show me my calling for this life. The peace and joy around me intensify and soon I see in that space a following projection-like picture: in front me I see a long row of tables. When I look closer, I can notice that it does not end anywhere but just keeps on going and going. In this endless row, the tables are covered with white glowing tablecloths, and each table has a brown clay pot and in each pot, there is a lovely spring green little seedling that has two to three small petals.

I can sense my Helpers smiling at me, and then communicating that this symbolism is used with me because they know (of course!) about my love for gardening and plants. They also tell me that my mission on earth is to help these seedlings grow because in these times they no longer know how the growing is done.

This vision is deeply imprinted in my heart and soul but at the same time I do experience great overwhelming sorrow and beg that I could stay, but they communicate that because of my mission I cannot stay… All of a sudden the Light kind of overwhelms me, and I pass out and lose my consciousness of that state and that moment.

When I then later wake up from the surgery, I cannot remember the episode but the doctors tell me how they had fought for my life and also for the life of my little human seedling. The C-section had been extremely difficult because my uterus had ruptured during contractions and my little one was crosswise in my belly. The whole staff was of the opinion that it was a genuine miracle that we both survived as usually both perish. For a few days after that, I experienced this extraordinary feeling of being outside my body and I could not fully understand that I was not dead.

That was the beginning of a long recovery and little by little my memories of those events resurfaced. I could remember seeing 12 persons in the operating room and an older man in the room next door whose knee surgery had to be postponed because of my situation even if they had already prepared him for the operation. I checked if all this that I remembered was accurate, and all my recollections held true.

That out-of-body experience was not the first for me but the near-death experience in contrast was. Certain doors, which otherwise are closed, were opened for me at that time in 199, for a certain reason. Even if I did not at that time entirely understand my mission, I did understand the depth and the importance of the experience for my spiritual development. To sum up, my whole life changed.

The out-of-body experiences had started a few years earlier, actually immediately after my UFO experience. That UFO encounter happened close to our home and I experienced that with my first-born who was 4 years old at that time. We got to encounter a very typical light phenomenon, a UFO, after which my spiritual awakening truly started. The whole of the 1990s was a time of very compact spiritual learning even if there were attempts to be a completely ordinary mom and human among others. Those attempts, however, only prolonged my learning and lowered my vibration. I will not narrate any further my travels or describe my meetings with different star consciousnesses, abductions or my other experiences. That could be another topic at another time. 

After my experience, I did read some books of near-death experiences but at that time there were not that many books available. Nowadays you can buy those kinds of books in every bookstore or even at the gas station. The best explanations I got from the depictions related to the states of Bardo in Buddhism.

There were, however, many issues that bothered me. What happens after you die? How does the process go forward, how does the spiritual experience of the soul influence it, etc. etc.…? I did not find, however, explanations profound enough and gradually the experience faded to the background. My spiritual awakening, by contrast, did not. I can sincerely say, that my life, my understanding of myself and my whole outlook on life changed because of that experience and the events that took place after that.

When I discovered the cleansing method developed by Patrick about 4 years ago the pieces of the puzzle started slowly falling into their place. During the years, we had come across each other in these circles previously but we had never gotten to know each other properly. When he then brought these tools to me to my “grannie cottage”, I knew that finally the missing link towards my own development had been found.

It was time to leave my “grannie cottage” and I pretty quickly took up the mission that my Helpers had shown me over 20 years ago. I had taken many attempts at my mission during the years but my tools had been insufficient. Now my life is dedicated to spiritual knowledge and sharing it. I truly try to advise all seedlings on how to grow towards your own Spirit. Together with Patrick we also try to water, coach and strengthen the new seedlings, the seekers of the Spirit. Now I’m finally doing what I came here to do in this life, in this body, with the experience I carry from many lives.

About 6 months ago the theme of death returned and I got new insight into the states after death, and what you should prepare for and how the process after death goes forward. I was, however, very confused because many current books written for example by well-known mediums or researchers, only supported my experience partly. I needed more information and experience. 

All of a sudden in a very deep state of meditation I set off entirely “without warning” into that Light vortex while being aware that my body was still sitting in the chair somewhere far away. I once again experienced the pure expansion and great love. The Light vortex brought me to a state that abruptly turned into darkness though and for a moment I experienced almost a panic because I did not know how to proceed from that state. I also got to experience how deep the fear can be when you become aware the there is no returning back to the body. I experienced all that in just a few moments realizing at the same time that I’m completely alone in that state. I fumbled for a moment and calmed myself down by praying and begging the Light to give a helping hand. God, please help me for I don’t know where to “go”, how to proceed. The emptiness around me was huge and truly completely empty. There was only me, my soul that was trying to reach the Light, my own Spirit…

Then a view opened up in which the Earth was far below me, kind of tilted, and I was given the information that there would not be any possibility to return back, there was nothing there anymore, no physical body, no “place”. After a moment’s peace, the panic returned and after that a great pain, for I knew that there are so many souls wandering alone at their moment of death, without any direction. And I could no longer help, I was already gone. I remembered my children and my sorrow deepened. At the same time, I experienced as if strands were coming from my soul and traveling towards those persons that I was concerned about at that moment… I did not take notice of any other strands. I understood that those strands were hindering me from going forward towards the Light and connecting to the Highest. I wanted to free myself of those strands! I could detach myself from all the other strands that traveled to different people but the strands towards my children were so strong that I was not able to untie them. Guilt was taking over my state still stronger and I was about to sink even deeper into sorrow and through that to a stickier and lower vibrating state. I became aware at that moment that I was being taught now for the future. As if my Highest Self was directing the events from the sidelines. My secure state and at the same time my awareness of the state around me returned.

I turned my back to Earth and felt that I had to continue my journey in this state of life after death. In front of me, I could see something like a gate and I was informed that it represented the beginning of the journey in which each soul goes through the energies we have collected and stored in our soul during this life. I would have to go through my latest life and my journey would begin by first exploring the lowest of my energies, my fears, feelings, and thoughts. If the feeling would take over me, it would be most probable that I would remain in that state corresponding to that feeling for a long time… I would have to reach for the Light with faith and trust. And at that moment I knew that each and every soul would have to go through that journey alone and understand one’s own energies, related to feelings and thoughts, for the next life. I understood that the experiences of our soul work like a magnet in regard to the experiences after death.

All of a sudden I was again aware and in my chair and had my experiences clearly in my mind. I wondered very much how those experiences that I had had out there felt like they took only a few minutes but had taken over an hour at this physical state.

I felt how this knowledge of this experience had been saved in my vibration and I was once again grateful for the high-level help that I got.

I had a similar kind of meditation journey again a few weeks ago during which even more detailed information was given. The subject began to interest me again and I started to yearn for an overall picture if at all possible. I asked for an understanding of many similarities but also for cultural differences related to near-death experiences. What is the truth, the logic, that without a doubt has to exist also related to this matter?

That I know, that Higher Wisdom, The Creative Power follows cosmic laws and that everything is systematic, a so-called common thread exists that shows how the cosmic laws operate. Like above, as below, macro cosmos, microcosmos, etc. I believe that a human soul does not become an angel when it dies. Instead, the frequency of vibration an individual has reached during his life will determine the state and the experiences that the soul has to go through in life after death. The law of attraction no doubt operates also outside the physical body. It is not the body, but the soul, the vibration, our own energy field that attracts events and people towards us during life.

At this moment I’m gathering my own information, my experiences and also the experiences and studies made by other people reported in different books. I’m trying to accomplish such a big picture in which the “common thread” could be found. There is a greater logic that I cannot reach yet, as it is now still scattered into small pieces of a puzzle in different cultures, religious programmings, and our own expectations and wishes. The big questions are for example why is it that people from the Western world discuss with dead people, why for example a medium can reach them somewhere in the state of life after death… why the discussions with the dead have become a bit like a disrespectful show in the Western world, what are we looking for when in medium sessions… why so many people want to cling to the deceased… In which phase are the souls, reached by the mediums, reborn… Or what is that energy that the medium is able to reach… I also wonder why we still do not just trust and believe that life after death continues and the soul moves forward… Or: why is it that the Buddhists do not see angels at their moment of death… and why do they want to prepare for death their whole life if they are true Buddhists… etc., etc.… So many loose pieces that are just waiting for their own place to be found in the big picture, the Truth that is and always will be.

I also have numerous experiences of the deceased close by to many living people and we have helped them towards the Light because according to our experience, what they first and foremost ask for is help in moving forward. We do not try to communicate with them, except only on very rare occasions when they clearly express that they have something to say.  During many of my experiences, I have been given a clear picture of the deceased and their souls next to the people we have helped. In that way also they have gotten peace when souls close to them have reached the Light. Moving into Light is only the first step and we do not know of anything else as it is not our business to know but the business of their Helpers and Light beings who will be there to meet them. We only help them forward from here. 

There is a lot of contradictory information in many books but also many similarities to a certain point. So my work on this issue continues and I’m still putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I will publish my summary as soon as I have managed to build an observable picture from the puzzle pieces. That would be needed at this time more than ever before. That is the reason my Helpers have given me this task, which sounds very huge, exactly now.

More news from Dharamsala

Thursday 6.6.2019

June 5th was Dalai Lama´s second day of teachings. We were once again crammed in the big main temple and were sitting with Tibetan grannies.

There was just a little actual teaching as the main program of the day was an initiation and transfer of power given by His Holiness. This means that we were given ordination to the path of a bodhisattva. It is a promise to strive for development, doing work with yourself in such a way that is would benefit all beings. The aspiration to become enlightened carries the same idea. This initiation was a solemn and a holy moment for me, very touching with the mantras and rituals.

At the end of the day during our evening meditation, I experienced something very wonderful that opened up the view of space and infinity. So the ordination in the morning had been quite powerful. I have to repeat myself once again and say how thankful I am, of being able to participate in all that is happening here and experience these pinnacle moments in this place.

We are taking a pause from our normal work and get to take part ourselves and just be students, at least for some moments. Of course, our task here is to also help the group, discuss and guide the participants through different exercises and meditations.

It has been quite a hullabaloo in this little town or village all this time we have been here. The crowds, the noise, the constant honking horns of the cars and mopeds and the odors and dust reach you everywhere. You cannot lose your alertness for a moment, instead, the practice of being present gets deeper every time you step out from the hotel. You also have to take care of your belongings carefully all the time. As a woman you cannot look too long at any man´s direction for then you will end up with some uninvited company trying to get acquainted with you or sell you something. You also have to look out for excrements of dogs and cows together with all other dirt that the curbsides are gushing. It is, however, much cleaner here than for example in Delhi. We, fortunately, managed to avoid that chaos by taking directly a connecting flight to Dharamsala.

Despite all this, there is permanent holy energy over this town or village if you just want to reach for it. This material chaos and mess can be left to the background, and the holiness can overtake your heart. I feel that it is a choice you can consciously make. I see all this and I experience it at the concrete level, but I keep the connection of the heart to this higher level.

We have had our personal challenges because we both with Patrick have been fighting fever and inflammation in the lungs. I fell sick already during our trip to Hungary three weeks ago and the illness recurred during the first days here. Patrick got a fever the last day in Hungary and was sick when we started our trip here. We, however, sought help immediately from a Tibetan doctor and both got herbal medicines for a week.  

It is very interesting to visit a Tibetan doctor. You go at their door and knock. If there is no other patient inside you can go in. The examination by the doctor is even more simple. The doctor holds one or both of your wrists, listens, and maybe asks a couple of questions and then prescribes the medicines. Then you pay which in my case was 277 rubles, i.e. about 4 euros. That included the visit itself and the medicines. I got five different bags of pills that I needed to take 3 times a day according to the instructions. I can tell you that they did not taste of strawberries and were no joy to drink diluted in hot water. But now when only the final days remain of the cure, my condition has improved a lot and the cough is easing off. The herbs are working and doing it in a pure way that strengthens the body.

We have been working at a tremendous speed in the last few years, distributing information, arranging courses and giving private sessions. And we have been traveling constantly. We both already have our own basic ailments that need to be taken care of. We should pay careful attention to eating and what kind of food we eat, otherwise, our condition gets worse. It is in no way easy to take care of yourself in different countries with different conditions. This year has basically gone flying in the true sense of that word. We have visited five different countries and in a couple of them already more than once. We have been sitting in airplanes certainly more hours than is enough. The air conditioning in airplanes and hotel rooms is surely poison also to the airways. The very few resting days and short nights of sleep have also taken their considerable toll on physical power. At the end the physique could not take it anymore and was overtaken by a virus. Now we are heading for the better again and with the guidance of Upstairs, the plans regarding fall and future trips will be structured in such a new way that there will also be enough resting time included.  

In a few days´ time, we will begin our retreat of silence and move to a new hotel that is closer to the main temple. The concentration on the own innermost will deepen and new exercises await. With the deepest gratitude to our wonderful Light Helpers, this time here with all the exercises and guidance that they give us is the best time for development. Our Helpers are irreplaceable.

Until next time,

Tashi Delek, Eija

Dharamsala 31.5.-18.6.2019

Monday 3.6.2019 – Eija

These thoughts come from Dharamsala, McLeod Ganji. I have visited this place once before for the exact same main reason, the teachings of Dalai Lama.

After that first trip, I never believed that I would return here as I experienced it as a once in a lifetime thing. Upstairs did, however, guide me/us here with a wonderful group.

The purpose of this trip is to deepen the participants’ understanding of Buddhism, meditation and also the beauty of the cleansing work. Behind the idea of being here lies also the thought that the participants would get a broader perspective of the birth roots of this cleansing work and of that similar kind of thought ideology regarding the humanity that Buddhism entails.

Patrick often says that this Luxia-Method is certainly not a new thing but it is updated to this time especially for the Westerners. The basic idea is the same, work on yourself so you would be able to change the world for the better. It is a lifelong journey.

Today’s teaching theme was the 37 practices of Bodhisattvas. Each participant got a book in which those practices are explained and His Holiness told about them and their significance on the spiritual path.

Bodhisattva is a term that is used when referring to such a practitioner of Buddhism that strives toward enlightenment for the benefit of everybody, not just himself. All practices, actions, deeds, insights are dedicated to all beings i.e. they are meant for the benefit of everybody.

We also aim for the same idea in our work. We cleanse our own vibration, we do not blame others of our own negative and strive through our own work to make the world a better place for everyone. Also animals, nature, Mother Earth. Good deeds belong to this path as well, together with sharing information and serving others. Patrick has also in this life made retreats in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and he has received blessings from high lamas for his path. My path has also included studies of Tibetan Buddhism because I have experienced it as the truth that has managed to still remain pure.  

We arrived at the temple well in advance in the morning but were regardless greeted by a big crowd. After very thorough safety checks, we made it to the area we had reserved and marked for us the previous evening, which however by this time had shrunk considerably. We crammed our group of 15 persons in and sat on the floor with the others. We were surrounded by Tibetan grannies and monks and sat almost in each other’s laps.  When the TV screens began showing the picture of His Holiness entering the temple area, all the discomfort was forgotten and my heart was filled with great thankfulness that I was able to be present there.  

His Holiness walked arduously with the help of two assistants in the temple area. It was clearly visible that his health is not the best anymore. I got a flash in my mind of global scale sorrow and emptiness when it is his time to leave this level and cross over to be among the Buddhis again. Also, the thought of how the last sacredness would disappear from the Earth with him tugged at my heartstrings. He has himself stated that he will be the last Dalai Lama. Now he is, however, in front of us after going around the temple and walks towards our area waiving his hand around. All through his journey in the temple area, he has been stopping and shaking hands, touching and blessing people. Finally, he turns around and steps with an effort the stairs up to his spot. The teaching can begin.

Today has also has been another extremely hot day. The temperatures rise close to 40 degrees Celsius and in the afternoons we have been watching the thunderstorms and listening to hailstones bombarding the sheet metal roofs. Today too we had fierce rain with hail and the Himalayan mountain chain was covered with a grey vail and in the end, disappeared from sight.

Even now in the evening, there is a huge light show going on during our evening discussion and meditation. Now it is time for the last deep breaths of the day here at the altitude of 1700 meters and then it is time to hit the head on the pillow. I will try to continue with my accounts in the near future. Take care of each other.