Spring Equinox 20.3.2019 & Cosmic Winds

We came home a little less than a week ago from our trip to Thailand. It was quite a heavy working trip, the most demanding so far. I will tell more about that in this blog later on because now we have a more acute topic in the air.

The ongoing general energy is very suspenseful. At our return home I noticed that the energy here in Finland is very different from the energy near the equator. The electric, cosmic energy had become more compact and is now moving fast and can be felt especially in the finer energy bodies. During our absence of three weeks, there had been major changes. That might be partly due to the solar storms that have had an influence here.

When one looks at the big picture, at the level of the solar system, big changes are once again happening. My feeling is that cosmic help is given to this time of the opposition of the black and the white moon. This change concerns mostly individuals, not so much the global level. I am not expecting any collective, bigger change taking place yet.

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Year 2019

I’m sorry that my overview for the new year 2019 takes this written form only now. Almost two weeks of this new year have already passed when writing this. So far the energies of this year have been fast moving and active. The change has continued moving forward with speed. We have already gone through the first eclipse on 6.1. when we had a solar eclipse and also the occasion when the black and the white moon were in opposition. It was a powerful but also a very challenging moment. The next eclipse will be a total lunar eclipse on 21.1. which we can also witness here in Europe. Instructions for that will follow in the near future.

Theme of year 2019

When I examine the themes for each year my main view point is at the level of the humanity and Mother Earth, on those issues for the new year that the energies are bringing forward to be changed and cleansed.

This year is particularly strong as it is accompanied with many special astrological events that are meant to produce speed to the development of the humanity. And like always before, the more we all work with these waves of energy the easier it will be to deal with the challenges and for the positive changes to manifest. We go with the flow instead of resisting it.

The need to depart from fruitless things and the need to bring things to completion for the sake of spirituality will emerge for many souls and that will in turn mean a collective change at the end of the day. Old bad and harmful models by which one operates wear out vitality and eventually cause physical symptoms. Changing those operating models and programmings at the latest during this year would therefore be necessary. There needs to be a change of direction even at the level of humanity which currently destroys more than it builds. In practice there will be more dissenting opinions and also activities for a change coming up this year also at the level of the society. Therefore, it would be so important now to become aware with which kind of energy that change is brought forward so that the same negative energy that humanity has earlier used to bring about a change would not once again increase.

Changing your own energy is the basis for a bigger change that could bring about a lasting new state on earth. It would be a state where everybody would be taken into consideration. It is probable that these points of change will be brought forward in a radical way during this year because when I examine the outlook for this year there are energy peaks arising almost every month that indicate negative energy being thickened. There are is a lot of underlying turbulence and that energy is just waiting for a change to surface. We need to take care that we do not respond to negativity with negativity but instead we ask for help and cleansing so we could understand, have a wider perspective and forgive.

This time of change and the thickening of negative energy have been going on about for the last four years. We are all waiting to see how and in which way the change in the world will happen. This has been a topic already discussed for the last decades but the bigger concrete global events are still waiting to manifest. We as souls, however, choose what kind of a change it will be. We are not victims, instead we should be active participants.

Everybody can take part in this change by changing oneself. Still the same answer, unfortunately. We all need to do this together, otherwise we end up in a situation where the possibility to change the world, our own society, has been taken away and we are forced to once again start over from a baseline that is more difficult and maybe even so difficult that we will remain with no possibility to influence anything anymore…

So let’s work again in cooperation with the Divine, life sustaining forces every moment every day. When we join our energy with the Creator’s energy we create a new world from love. If we create (or try to create) only from our own will we will surely make mistakes. Asking for help from God, Spirit, the Great Power or which ever name represents the Unconditional Love, the Creator to you, is the most important thing. Connecting oneself to this source of Love every morning is a beautiful way to begin the day. Then being awake and aware with oneself, one’s feelings and thoughts and asking help for one’s weaknesses and lower vibrations. Taking a quiet moment / meditating, daily light exercise and also the right diet that elevates your energy and helps your body to carry out the task it has been born for here on earth. There is the whole package!

Simple and eternal truth.

Good deeds, helping others and foremost being a good example are all part of the right energy for change. But like has already been said so many times before, begin with yourself, cleanse yourself and become stronger and only then can you really help others.

In addition to this year’s theme of completion and letting go of the old there is the ensemble of body-soul-spirit. The above mentioned everyday instructions also fit this theme.

That is to say that we deepen the multidimensional self in everyday life. Cleansing the soul gets a big priority here. We need to remember that we are souls traveling in a body and that we have had thousands of lives on earth and we carry all the experiences of those lives in our soul. By freeing ourselves of the lower memories, i.e. energies, with the help of the Light / God we raise the vibration of our soul. When we become more purified we can connect to our real Self, the Divine part, our Spirit. Then our life changes and also the basis of creation changes. We become Divine beings that are able to see the great plan and work for the good of the entirety. The lower level of the personality / the soul has been cleansed and has ascended! We give the physical part of us to God’s use here on earth. The path shown by Christ…

A part of this is also the joyful energy of change and the joy of together being able to make great things happen and help the humanity and also Mother Earth. It is wonderful to do nice, fun things alone and together because that also increases the positivity in the world. Rejoice to the fullest! It is allowed. We can choose joy and not whine and wait for someone else to bring it to us. I hear it a lot that people long for joy. You have to create it yourself, by complaining of its absence it only disappears further away and you transfer the responsibility to others. That is not the purpose, you create your own life!

So this year is an incredibly big of a chance to bring forward new thoughts, operating models and examples of a better world. Participation with regard to these issues is one piece of the theme and it is wonderful if your own point of participation is starting to take shape. Or if you already are on your path, you can take an even more active role as an example. The joining together with other souls to strive for know-how, energy and aiming for the same goal still continues from previous years.

Each one of us is an element of change because each soul changes the world through its own work. There is no positive act small enough, no change of direction small enough that it would not make a difference, because a positive choice sets in movement greater energy and through that brings new possibilities also to other souls. So believe in yourself, be strong and recognize your weaknesses, accept them and love yourself with the help of the Divine. No one can do it alone and that is not even the idea. This Divine help is the Greatest Love on earth where we live in a physical body practicing its fulfilment at the concrete level.

Ask for the Light and you will be helped. The era of humility has now begun.

I hope you all have a wonderful adventure with the themes of this year! Go forward boldly and with trust, together, with Joy!

With thoughts of Light and Joy, Eija



The Black Moon and the White Moon

Here is the astrological overview from Russia.


PAVELL GLOBA’S prognosis for the year ahead. (Russian astro-tv)

This is a very rare phenomena which astrologists have researched very little. Ancient Persian astrologists have studied the event. Two so called fictive planets, the White moon and theBlack moon, are facing each other, in opposition. The phenomenon arises every 33rd year and ancient civilizations associated this with a so called ”ethical imperative”, or rather, the struggle between good and evil. This can often be seen as concrete events on Earth. The struggle between the Good and the Evil, the troops of the Angels and satanic forces.

The White moon – Selena, Arta – the path of the Light, has an astrological cycle of about 7 years.

The Black moon- Lilith, Drudzh – the rise of satanic lies, twisting of the truth, has an så cycle of about 9 years.

The time between the oppositions (33 years) prompts thoughts of the life span of Jesus.

Once again we live in such times and the current ongoing series of oppositions started September 18, 2018.

The phenomena is reflected on Earth as deviant apocalyptic events, critical points, when humans will be forced to choose between good and evil and humanity will have to choose the next crucial step.

A few examples of  previous times when the phenomenon has been active: March 1917 led to political turmoils- the end of World War I, revolutions, the bisection of the world in 1951 with the Korean war, the death of Stalin and changing the order, the fall of the socialist camp in 1985, new political individuals and rules of the game, etc.

Previously in history we have seen the fall of Rome, the emergence of Islam, natural disasters and epidemics, in connection with corresponding oppostions. The new order that has emerged has not always been ideal, but always distinctly different.

Which new rules of the game will emerge as a result of this oppositional period? A series of oppositions that continue until the beginning of the year 2020 have now started. In other words, those ”game rules” that came into effect in 1985 are now changing (will change before 2020)-humanity is moving towards a new world that is dominated by new power holders and a different set of rules. What will this world be like? It should be clear in the near future.

The planets have formed a Large Cross in conjunction with the lunar nodes, which makes the events even more fateful. The energy of Mars also join this pattern, which brings not only war energy but also a forceful need to change things. A want to live differently, to search for new paths and new standards is awakened in people. Also note the opposition of Mars a few months ago. We can expect qualitative changes in the states’ structures during the year 2019 and until the beginning of 2020.

The final adjustment of the changes will be made year 2020-2021 when Jupiter and Saturn are joined in the sign of Aquarius, i.e. in the same sign that the oppositions between the Black moon and the White moon will take place.

It is possible that events will intensify and bring catastrofic changes, compare to 1917-1918 when an identical cross also stood on the heavens.

Before such big changes as these, signs and warmings will often be given. For example, in the year 1917 there was a five month long period when Our Lady of  Fátima (the Virgin Mary) appeared before three children and many saw  light phenomena (there are many descriptions of this). Our Lady of Fátima gave us three messages, of which the last one has not been published-is it perhaps a warning?!

With the help of strenghtened ”defense”, in the form of prayers and other such things, we can steer this chain of events in a more favourable direction even though this big Cross of the Heavens has already been formed.

Important dates when The Black and The White moon are in direct opposition with each other:

December 15, 2018

January 6, 2019 NB! Coincides with the solar eclipse!!

March 24, 2019

June 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

December 24, 2019 (before the solar eclipse December 26)

March 2, 2020 the oppositions are over finitely, until then an unstable time period.

The following oppositional period between the Black moon and the White moon starts March 20, 2050. The link to Youtube :


Working with emotions together with the Light

Many souls are searching for contact with their own origin in this time, contact with their own Divine part. So many are missing…something
bigger, their own guidance, purer love, the true self…

What is stopping us from being in contact with our guidance, our Divine
origin, our true self?

All the lower vibrations that we have are an obstacle for pure contact. All
of our lower feelings, thoughts, and reactions have collected in our
souls and we carry them from one life to another, until we wake up and
start to work on bettering ourselves. By cleansing our lower energies,
our Light increases and our connection to our Higher self becomes
stronger and clearer. Our lower self lives together with our own Divine
self. And there is all the information about us, all the right guidance and
information to be had. Love yourself so much that you give yourself the
possibility to radiate Light, gradually and finally as completely as the
Divine part of you can actually shine.

Many years ago I was also searching, examined different directions, I
did countless exercises and meditations. They definitely brought me
forward and I gained a lot of experience and guidance during that time.
My star helpers were guiding meditations and the out-of-body travels.
They were teaching me what the human energetic build and its
countless levels look like. I was very lucky to get such personal
hands-on guidance. In addition, I have always had sisters on their
spiritual path who have supported me in the right direction. I am also
very grateful for that.

In due course, I was also guided to share all this with other searchers.
Years ago I held courses, meditation evenings, meetings and I shared
my own experiences. So much wonder and insights, moments of
happiness and vibrational change. But still, something was missing. I tried to ask and search for a method that would actually bring lasting
changes to the vibration of those who walk on their spiritual path, as
well as to everyday life since I noticed throughout the years how many
good moments and the strive for change was fleeting. Peace of mind
and faith were temporary and everyday life for many people was still so
tangled and challenging. The same problems remained; that happiness
was not lasting and the connection to ourselves did not work. Negative
feelings were guiding everything and personal negative reactions were
thrown onto everyone else. Where was the secret to lasting peace of
mind and serenity? So I kept searching…I began to increasingly
believe in and trust old methods, holy books, and scriptures. Jesus
brought a model of how to live so that God was guiding every activity
and it was founded on strong faith, that also went before experience.
Buddhist methods were striving to change the vibration in a lasting way
through self-inspection and through Buddha’s protection. Ancient lives
of the initiated interested me as well as those methods, where the high
vibration and connection to the Light were preserved.

The MAN KNOW THYSELF motto started to get a deeper meaning
and finally when I some years ago met my old friend, the missing link
was found!

My dear friend had also done research and searched for answers, he
had lived a truly pure life for a couple of decades already and had
finally created his own foolproof version of a method to reach your
Divinity, so that all people, all with equal value, regardless of
circumstances could work on developing their vibration in everyday life
and finally gain that, which all souls actually long for!

The main part of that is taking responsibility for yourself, your own
energies as well as faith in the power of the Light. At the same time,
self-knowledge increases and the possible hiccups that would keep
you from proceeding with the work no longer repeat themselves. The
person and their vibration change finitely with cleansing, thanks to
accepting and loving themselves, and finally, everyday circumstances
change. And all in a positive, improved direction.

By being aware of our own vibration and asking the Light for help when
some negative, lower energy is at the surface, by maneuvering
reactions and actions, we can actually free ourselves from the lower
energies, that hinder our contact to our Higher Self, our Divine part.
Because the Light actually comes to our aid, when we ask. It is very
logical and all vibrational laws support it.

So what does it mean to work with emotions together with the Light?

1) Be aware of yourself every day, as well as possible.
2) Take honest note of those moments and encounters when
negative feelings arise within you.
3) Identify a negative feeling when it is active, i.e when it is on the
surface of your energy field and accept that it is there within you,
don’t try to smother it or hide it from yourself.
4) Immediately ask for help from the Light; God, Buddha, Christ,
Angels, etc. They are the higher power of the Light and can work
with you, if only you chose the Light and ask for help. For
example: “I ask, that Christ cleanses this envy from me” or “Dear
Angel, take away this jealousy from me.”
5) Don’t react by throwing negative feelings on others, i.e that you
blame other people, circumstances or the surrounding world for
your own feelings or reactions.
6) Trust, that you are heard and helped!
7) Remember, that you can not lie on the vibrational level, even if
you can lie to yourself.
8) Take joy in the fact that the negative feelings arise in you so that
you can accept them and get to know yourself, you are getting
help and the Light in you increases!
9) Also, take joy in all the happy moments and the serenity of your
10) Do good deeds, be as positive as possible and enjoy all the
beauty around you. Love those who are closest to you to the best
of your ability.

Go forward with joy!

This work with the powers of the Light is efficient, it is nothing new, no
trendy method of this time, just updated to this time from old holy

Out of a clear-sighted perspective, a negative feeling/ thought/reaction
is visible in our aura as a dark, impure and often unpleasant energy
cloud. Its shape, strength, and direction vary, but I can allege that all
people, even “angelic” ones, have all kinds of things in their energy
field, if they have not cleansed it actively through their own spiritual
work. Indeed, no one is better or worse than the other on the energetic
level…we all have things to cleanse.

That, which we are in this life, is a compilation of all of our lives. We
are the sum of them, as our feelings are the part of how we act. Those and all our programmings from this life tug us in this and that direction,
we are all slaves under it, although we believe ourselves to be very
spiritual already…

When the Light, i.e the energy which creates and upholds life,
increases in us then all our good feelings increase and strengthen as
well. We change and get in contact with our Higher Self and its
guidance. Eventually we can shine as brightly as the Light that we truly
are and at last, we will get to know our plan for this life, the main task.
Happiness and Light would also increase in the people around you,
and finally, all negativity within us would lose its grip and transform into
unconditional love. Humanity would change as a unit at once.

Now is the right time to take responsibility for yourself, your own
vibration and start a real spiritual trip. This method offers good tools for
that if you don’t have the opportunity to go for a life long retreat with
some higher learning teacher.

If each person could only look at themselves, their own feelings and if
they started to work on cleansing themselves, the world would
change, since there would no longer be any room for the negative
force in anyone’s life. I know, that Mother Earth would also sigh with
relief and gratitude!

Those souls that have a higher vibration can no longer hurt
themselves, anybody else or this wonderful planet, which is our home
and gives us the possibility of life in the body.

In addition to this daily work with emotions, it could be good to think
about all the choices we make… Does this act or direction which I am in
increase Light and bring my soul closer to my Divine part and its
guidance. Food, drink, the environment that you are in, company
etc…they all affect the energy.

Positive exercise, meditation, and clean nature are also good.
It is also important to focus on happiness, to strive for positivity and
compassion at the same time as you cleanse the lower energies in
yourself. Being in contact with Mother Earth, companionship with
others that walk this path, as well as open discussion give tremendous
support as we strive for a happier and more balanced life. Through the
work, we do with ourselves. Be that change, that you would wish to see
in the world. Each and everyone’s work helps the entirety and maybe the
day will come when we have reached the critical mass and the long-awaited big awakening will happen!

The Truth Behind Illuminati/ NWO?

All of you who have awakened to the truth know that the negative elite, illuminati, the evil and the power of money control the world. But what made them appear and what is it that drives them?

Do you know how you can fight against its power? Do you know, that by being awake you can cleanse negativity from the world? All evil, the power of the negative still exists because we are letting it happen!

Come to a free info-evening where Patrick and Eija from Finland discuss how we together, can break the power of the elite by taking responsibility for ourselves and our negativity.
The change happens on an individual basis and the power of evil is broken.

Battling Borreliosis – Part 2

September 2018

New symptoms

The diet has now been adhered to for several weeks, supplements and herbs have been enjoyed daily. The overall condition has sometimes been good, even perky, but when I put strain on myself I notice that many symptoms return.

Now it is the first day of October and behind us we have a three-week work tour in Sweden and Croatia. Optimal food has not always been available, but so-called harmful foods have been left out and all the drops and pills have been taken.

Before the trip, at the beginning of September, new symptoms appeared. I noticed how I started to feel numbing sensations in the face. First on the lower half of my left eye and the right-hand corner of the mouth. Slowly those numbing points have increased, and the points vary on the face. “Stationary” numbing points are the lower lip, lower jaw and cheekbones. I can feel them every day. Tingling, prickling, numbness. I also noticed, that the challenging tour was draining and there was sensory overload. Many days I was overly sensitive to sounds, smells and external energies.  I tired more easily, and I was more irritable, because there just wasn’t any time to rest. Luckily, the last days in Croatia were more about relaxing, sun and swimming.

At this moment I still feel tingling and numbing in the lower jaw and from there it creeps toward the neck. I am aware that the symptoms are already so called serious, but I continue tenaciously, because I know that I can not endure an antibiotics treatment. My stomach is sensitive, and at the same time I am badly allergic to many additives and artificial “foods”. I pray for help daily and I get frequent energy treatments for this.

I already know with certainty that my detox treatment will continue at least until next summer.

Work In This Time

The original questions have become even deeper lately.

Who am I, what is my assignment here, what do I carry in my soul,
how do I stay in contact with the Creator, my Higher Self? I saw that all
searchers were pondering the same things, now more than ever. What
is stopping us then from understanding, from being aware of the

One reason, in my opinion, is that we have accepted a certain model
for ourselves, that is a joint creation of our parents, childhood, social
norms and associations. The strong confirmations from previous lives,
thousands of different experiences…We have not been taught, that
after our children have been born we should listen to and raise them
according to who they really are. We transfer the same package, the
same limitations and negative models from one generation to another
to our descendants, while we still increase demands and layers of
disguise. That we live in this shell, and accept it, hinders us from
getting to know our souls and cleansing its layers, taking off the masks,
that we didn’t even know we had.

Where to begin? Change is a part of everyone’s path. It is a law, that
governs life. To accept it and welcome it with joy is a first step. I
encounter many souls, who are tired of being here, in this
pointlessness. That nothing changes, not even within themselves. To
accept change, whatever it may bring to our lives, is big step towards
what we really are. My dear old friend from thousands of years back,
has developed a model, that makes the cleansing work, finding my true
self and the connection to my Higher self possible. Even in this busy,
force fed time! It is fantastic and functional in its simplicity. All it takes is
self honesty and being aware. Like…did somebody already sigh?

My friend says, and rightly so, that each and everyone of us has a
backpack (soul memory) that contains an unbelievable amount of
experiences, negative feelings and thoughts. Each person and
situation that you encounter has been planned just for you, so that you
would notice, what is hiding in your backpack. It is our job to empty our
backpack, to cleanse. When you for example, meet a person, who
causes anger, envy, jealousy, the need to own, etc. to rise in you,
notice it! DO NOT react by throwing those feelings on them with words
or energetically, but interrupt yourself and immediately ask, that it be
removed! It is important to ask a higher power. It is not enough to try to
do it by your own powers, but in cooperation with the Creator, God,
Christ, Buddha, the Masters or the higher angels…whichever is closest
to you, chose that.

There are countless of different negative feelings and thoughts in all of
us, no one is better than the other in regard to that. If we deny our own
negative part, we put the same energies back in the backpack and they
will all wait there until next time, when a situation will make them rise

When you cleanse, be honest and only look at yourself. What rises to
the surface right now? When the feeling is at the surface, it is easier to
remove, to cleanse.

This is interesting, but still hard work. It is, of course, certainly worth it!
When you cleanse and lighten your own burden, it is much easier to be
in contact with the helpers of the Light and your Higher self, when our
own reactions don’t disturb and hinder us. This model is not designed
to focus on the negative, but meant for honest self-inspection and
cooperation with the Higher powers. To drop the masks, to break the
personal moulds, is freeing. To bring the attitude that everyone is the
same, has the same value, onto the everyday level. No one is more
valuable or better than the other, we all have something in
common…The Divine journey that we have made from many different

This everyday work functions as a support for quieting the mind, in
asking for protection and guidance, listening. How interesting it is to be here in the human body, being its prisoner, behind many masks. And
how easy it is to free ourselves from that, reach purity and finally fly

“Man, know thyself”

Trust as a theme

Journeying to the end of the world

This time our journey went through Finland all the way to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. As I wrote earlier, many deep themes are concentrated in this time and for this trip as well.

Many that took part on this trip had personal themes and we experienced many moments of joy and insight together and alone with the Upstairs. Through our own work, a bigger picture and ancient flawed programmings were cleansed. An ancient theme was shown to us long before our journey began. Throughout the years we have been bombarded (through email among other things) by a religious “sect” consisting of Christians. We have not answered too eagerly before since we understand that a common language cannot easily be found since our thought processes are so different and ours is more open, that it is impossible to understand without having tried to delve into it. When you already have your own basic Christian view of things, there is no need to get acquainted with other philosophies. This time we still answered a bit more and aimed to tell them about our own lifestyle and thus we tried to correct several of those flawed assumptions that they thought were truths, even though they have never talked to us. We did know that we were banging our heads against the wall, so to speak, because the judging on that side, by these people specifically, was already strong, without having listened to us. Threats, to meddle in our lives on a concrete level, among other things, has been their way to show love for their fellow human beings and what Jesus taught…Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Although we teach and live differently, we do not make it our business how anyone else looks for God, in their own way. That is how it should be, especially in a country with religious freedom. We do not judge anyone’s conviction or religion, but see them as possible paths to the Light.

We do not belong to any religious body, even though we love old Churches and profess Christ as God’s son. But we also acknowledge Buddha as a conveyer of the Divine teachings and we respect all things holy, that any religion and or life view brings.

We have seen some of the world, especially Patrick who has traveled and become acquainted with all the holy places of the world as well as different religions and we understand that you either make the tree good and his fruit good, or you make the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt.

The strongest sign of Divine presence is the example that the individual sets in how you live and relate to people and how you cleanse yourself from your own negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Not by yourself by your own force, but with the help of the Light and God.

We do not relate God to any religion but to an omnipotent, eternal creational force and an everlasting source of Light that doesn’t destroy but sustains life. This is, according to “believers”, our “sin” which has to be dealt with in a radical way. I don’t even want to repeat the harsh words that were used to urge us to get our penance and confess our disease before them… This process with them escalated just before the trip to a concrete attack that was aimed at us who live in the same house. The attack ended with the police having to interfere. The people at home understood and dealt well with the situation, thanks to several years of their own spiritual work. The issue awakened thoughts and understanding for what precisely this event in this time of negative energies roused in unaware souls on a concrete level. It served as a model example of everything I have blogged about previously, about how negative energy rises to the surface.

It also strongly confirmed that there is a lot to cleanse on the collective level and some of that work arose for many during the trip, on a personal level. Luckily there are tools and knowledge of the fact that everything comes from within yourself, your own work and development.

In order for the world to become less prejudice, more loving and equal, you always have to look at yourself. First, take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s.

We can work on our own spiritual wisdom and open our hearts to everyone. We also understand that the attacks are due to individuals, not Christianity, under which it now expresses itself. During all times there have been attacks, torture, raping, murdering and war. All this is happening in our world, all the time, even now, because the energy that was created in ancient times, hatred and hunger for power, has not been cleansed from humanity’s memory. This work was done very much during the trip, through ourselves.

The Upstairs also directed us towards Vardø, to the furthermost eastern coast of Norway. There we “happened” to find a memorial of the witch hunt, that the Norwegian government had risen as a prayer for forgiveness for these licentious murders and torture that over a hundred women and some men had been subjected to during the middle ages on behalf of the church. The church carries an enormous burden of “debt” that from time to time can still be seen as the wrongdoing of some individuals. Many experienced a need to forgive and cleanse themselves, also in their own past, from previous lives. And several were liberated and found the path to empathy and understanding for those who served the church.

We strongly experienced that the power and superiority that many Christians, during many centuries, have created now needs to be turned into something positive. But we can do the work only with ourselves, cleanse with the Upstairs those negative feelings that all this awoke in us.

That way, we at least do not increase the flawed energy of the church by increasing the hatred, the bitterness or the inability to forgive. This was a new step on a new level for everyone who was with on the trip.

There were also children with on the trip, busy with their own games and playing, but maybe sometime in the future, a new, less prejudice view of humanity also opens up for them, even though they did not participate in the spiritual work now. The ocean and the rounded rocks were more interesting than the adults’ doings, but we hope that something was still stored on the energetic level and that they in good time can be big role models for love, in everyday life as well.

We went to the small village of Båtsfjord in order to receive the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, it rained, so we couldn’t see the event itself. In a light sprinkling, we climbed purposefully partway up the mountain, placed ourselves on a slope in order to listen to ourselves and we fell silent to an inner voice at the same time as cosmos opened a powerful contact to fine energies. The mere hour with joint silence was beautiful and touching and brought us all closer together. I also felt all those souls that were with us to create a new thought, new energy to take care of each other. The contact to our home, Mother Earth, was strong, and we asked to be allowed to help and support this planet as well so that it could be our home, even though we do not respect it as we should. The love for this wonderful plane, its nature and force were present at the moment. Also, Mother Earth’s love for us, Her children, was big. As one of the participants said; “I forgive you”, Mother Earth as a consciousness loves and forgives the people although she is waiting for our remedy. Also, she is created by God and the wisdom is within her. It would be desirable for the same wisdom to be present within us people, too.

After the moment in silence, we climbed a bit higher and before us, a vast view of the fiord and the ocean opened up. Let the holy information spread around the whole world, to the end of the world so that everyone would wake up and start the cleansing of Love in their own everyday life.

The children with their mothers enjoyed Norwegian pastries after the hike and we who are on a stricter diet got joy from their happiness and enjoyment.

Our trip was rewarding and extremely informative, on many levels. Fellowship, to “blow on the same embers” as well as the support and the love between us, the theme according to the last years, was experienced again in reality.

Such gratitude…these experiences reward and help things going in this challenging, but rewarding work that we are guided towards.

That is also the case with several of the participants. They are shepherds in a common herd but also sheep sometimes. The sheep metaphor presented itself after having spent time around all these Norwegian sheep herds. The wonderfully beautiful, barren nature continually opened itself around us and as closing words, I share with you Hics’ profound message to us, when I with Patrick checked out the places before the group came. Also, for you, who have found this blog, to consider.

“Now that you are here at the end of the world, isolated, regard how ample everything is.”

Faith as a theme

The other strong theme for the group excursion to Norway was faith.
To be in a group, share, consider others and to be present demands faith. Many have so-called, bad experiences and difficulties with being open and having faith with their own vulnerabilities. On the trip, we received positive experiences from the group support and empathy which certainly strengthens faith in these friends and even the goodness in humankind in general. Individual protective boundaries were expanded and still, there was acceptance. Furthermore, some were also brave enough to be present during somebody else’s difficult moments. Just like it should be…
The theme of faith was highlighted when I asked for feedback on the trip from the Upstairs. Many people experience the vast nature, the power of the ocean and the barren nature as cleansing and calming. You get a safe and good feeling and feel the contact with nature and Mother Earth. You even feel a want to move here to the power place of Mother Earth.

The souls on earth have practiced having faith in life and the Upstairs, through their faith in Mother Earth. They have learned to trust that earth offers safety, protection, and nourishment. It has been the path to learning to trust the Upstairs, God. When humans eventually have lost their contact with nature, a large part of them has also lost their faith in the Highest power.

That is why these kinds of places, where nature is strong, powerful and whipped by storms and your own smallness is present, a memory in your soul might be brought to life that awakens the longing for faith. Many experienced that it would be nice to stay at the barren shores of the Norwegian fiords, that God would be closer there and that you would feel better.

What happens in a place like this, on the energetic level, is the presence of the barren nature’s stored memory also awakens a memory in the human soul, that really is the longing for God, not a longing for this country. Our soul remembers the safety that the country brought, but the object for longing is not the country, but God. We can not return to the beginning of time, rather, now we have to search for safety in everyday life from the Upstairs and bring it to our own lives, wherever we are.

We cannot flee to this space around us, we have to find it within us, no matter how our soul longs for this place. Silent moments or longer retreats to these power places of Mother Earth are still needed. We can strengthen our own faith in life, the Upstairs and get the resources for our innermost to look for the same in everyday life. The Upstairs recommended small retreats that last a few days for all those who are longing but with keeping in mind and understanding that change is the way forward. Clinging to country and moments keep you stuck in place and does not enable change for what needs changing. Each according to their own backpacks.

We are children whose longing is to present the Spirit when we are in our bodies. We miss Father’s protection and Mother’s home. Our mother gives us our body and home and our Father brings everything to life. Our task on earth is to keep this life flame alive and increase its’ power in our lives. That way we get the safety and can live with faith, no matter what happens in our lives.

Mother Earth. Father in Heaven. Thank you.

Battling Borreliosis

A cleansing diet for mercury and ticks

Spiritual awakening often happens through your own body. Many relate to themselves through the physical body and by examining how the body feels we can learn to listen to the messages from our own bodies. When illnesses arise, we start to look for ways to make it better, we go to doctors and get some alleviation for our symptoms. But at some point, problems will arise at some other place in the body and again we will look for help. At some point we get fed up with going to doctors and especially since it is not helping anyway, the desire to look for alternative ways to treat your own health will awaken. We get acquainted with acupuncture, homeopathy, energy treatments, etc.

For many, there is a natural transition towards other alternative thoughts and a more spiritual life. We start to climb up the vibrational stairs, eventually getting accustomed to a new vibrational level.

For many star consciousnesses, the path might easily go the other way around. They have had different thoughts about the world since childhood and they related to the world in different ways than the body and their skills might be activated by taking the first step after awakening. They might have an aloof relationship with this vehicle, the body and its care might fall short. Even though they suffer from illnesses and long term “diseases”, they might just accept them and the body is the last thing that gets help. Often they have a quite neutral relationship with their own body, it might be regarded as just a tool for being here in the world. However, as the vibration rises the body will start to let the problems be known, even roughly so. For example, mediation pains are common. At this point, there might start to be thoughts about listening to the body and removing blockages so that the body can do what it should be doing, i.e cohabitate with the soul through this whole life plan!

We live in a destructive world, where our crops and food have been poisoned for decades already. There is almost no bioenergy in our food anymore and our stores are bursting with harmful edibles. Unfortunately, we no longer get nourishment from food, we are only filling our stomachs. Organic food is starting to become more valued when we are looking for nourishment, that actually contains nutrition! Everywhere there is harmful radiation, air pollution, oceans filled with plastic and violated forests, further constricting the possibilities for us to find natural and clean food and live a healthy life. Our bodies are full of heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and harmful bacteria. that all feed off of our vitality and prevent energy from flowing, especially to our intestines. Our body is a fantastic unit, whose every part is necessary and each has its own task, otherwise, the body would not have been created this way! If some part of the machine is broken, it affects the other parts as well. Even though we “fix” the broken part, that is, we remove symptoms from one part, the problem will soon arise somewhere else, since energy is still not flowing as it should in the machine. Many of us have diseases that stem from other lives since the root of the problem has never been fixed, which means that the whole mechanism of the body has not been checked and the holistic picture has not been considered.

Removing symptoms from somewhere in the body does not remove the flaw/sickness, but it often makes it worse somewhere else in the body. If, for example, you have allergies and you take medicine for that, the underlying issue, for example, a weak spleen, goes untreated. Behind a weak spleen are some feelings, that are activated again and again and they are stored in the spleen. This is just a simplistic example, in order to clarify the concept. Disease/ some organ weakness does not go away with medicines, but we might think they do since there are no symptoms.

Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium, has become a huge success in the world because it deals with the causes behind diseases. The book’s main idea is right and good, but it is missing a deeper, more spiritual aspect. There is superficial spiritual guidance in the book, but it is not holy. These might be strong words, but if you are looking for the spiritual meaning of life in the book, it is mainly missing. Its approach is physical and through the body’s healing you will reach a happier life. I admit that I have developed skepticism throughout the years, especially towards American media spirituality and I trust more in holy ancient information about energies and considering the body as a holistic unit. William’s book is still to the point and the main idea about the Epstein-Barr virus is correct. It is behind many current un explicable diseases.

Because of my own situation, I got to explore the issues of the body/ sickness on behalf of others, as well. The food recommendations have been updated and honed for us living here in the North as well. I do not have permission from the Upstairs to recommend William’s book in particular, or the recommendations of this blog, to everyone but each and everyone has to listen to themselves and see if the body gives permission to be healed. I myself believe in my body’s ability to heal and at this moment I am functioning as a so-called guinea pig.

I got the borreliosis diagnosis over two months ago, due to a tick bite. Since I already had broken amalgam fillings due to faulty treatment, I had a large amount of mercury in my bloodstream, which for six months had already caused difficulties and aches related to mercury poisoning. The tick bite happened when the body was already weak. I have also had a hypo-functioning thyroid for ten years, but I have also handled that through the diet. The thyroid symptoms have not been worse than in the last year since our workload has grown and there has not been enough time to rest and the body has reacted with stress symptoms and energy flow in the body is sometimes weakened.

Naturally, I did not choose to follow the doctor’s recommendation of a 3-week antibiotic treatment because of the tick bite (I am not self-destructive 😉 ), I just started to look for healing elsewhere. I knew of William’s book and I got familiar with it when I asked for guidance from the Upstairs. I am now trying to defeat the Borreliosis bacteria as well as the Epstein-Barr virus and also remove parasites and heavy metals from my body. My diet is now very strict, which does not make this traveling work very easy!

If it was difficult before to get clean vegetarian food, with this diet it is almost impossible to eat anything but your own supplies packed. I have started to long for my own mobile kitchen.

I update this blog on an irregular basis, but I try to get straight facts for you to read. I am a guinea pig, so I don’t know yet how this experiment will end. Yet I sense what a big plan this is part of. I bravely go towards healing and freedom with the help of the instructions below. I trust, that my example will have meaning.

These symptoms, that I got after last December, were unfortunately due to the treatment of an indifferent dentist. I did immediately start a 6-week mercury detox, where you take cilantro extract and chlorella daily. Cilantro aids the cells in removing the mercury and kelp binds it and transports it out. Unfortunately, it was not enough…

Here is the story of my symptoms/ sickness

About a month after the drilling/breaking of the amalgam in my mouth, January 2018:

  • Spells with bad headaches, sudden earaches, sore throat, irritability and more sensitivity to sound, tiredness in the middle of the day.

After a couple of months (April 2018)

  • The headache spells continue, vertigo, bad stomach pains and throwing up suddenly several times, the tiredness continues and stiffness in the joints of the legs and feet in the morning.
  • A stricter diet is started, the last of the gluten is removed (spelt)
  • Fever has risen several nights

After three-four months have passed (March – April 2018)

  • Nerve pains in the limbs and head, inflammation of the first joint of the index finger and a burning pain there, pains and tenderness in the area of the liver and gallbladder, feeling nauseous after eating, difficulty sleeping due to aches (I don’t take pain medication), bad vertigo, fits of earaches, continued tiredness, lack of energy, the ears still under strain…

May 2018

  • The same symptoms as before, interchangeable every day, bad joint inflammation, irritability worsening because of bad nerve pains, mainly in the head, tiredness makes everything worse.
  • The memory is even more choppy than before, and it is difficult to concentrate.

June-July 2018

  • June 6. A tick bite below the armpit, on the edge (In Hungary)
  • Previous symptoms arise again, evening fever for a couple of days
  • June 12, I noticed skin symptoms around the bite, about 4 cm in circumference. A doctor’s visit, fever of 38,5 C and a 3-week antibiotic treatment was prescribed, which I did not start.
  • I start again with the cilantro-chlorella treatment and I start to look for more information, related to borreliosis.
  • Fasting 5 days and then June 17, a strict detox treatment starts (appendix below)
  • June 18. “The tick bite- ring” has got much bigger, now it is about 10 cm in circumference, similar rings have now appeared on both arms as well.
  • June 25. The same splotches on feet, thighs, and shins, 5 in total. Coffee is now left out…. ):
  • July 3. Bad intestinal pains, the liver area is tender to the touch, tired to the bone.
  • July 4. The intestinal pains continue, as well as the tenderness around the liver, feverish and sore throat.
  • Kidney pains almost daily all of July
  • The major joints, shoulders, and hips ache

August 2018

My condition is somewhat better, the debilitating tiredness is gone, but the tolerance for stress/being busy is weak, nerve pains come easily. The liver area easily gets sore, especially if I don’t drink enough.

The major joints ache, bad nerve pains in the legs, it helps a lot to exercise, I sleep better and sometimes even well. Vertigo continues.

The joint inflammation is gone from the index finger, although there is soreness in several of the smaller joints of the fingers.

The issue continues, the treatment is strict, but I am already noticing an improvement of my condition after 10 weeks of the diet. By August 15 I have lost about 8kg (unfortunately).

The hardest part of the diet has been to remember all the dietary supplements, especially during travels. In order to make that easier I now bring a medicine dispenser, that has 4 slots for each day. That has been a lot of help. Actually, it would not work without it, since regularity is now the most important thing so that all the freeloaders in the body would be destroyed, including the borreliosis bacteria.

I also tried bioresonance. I was left with conflicting feelings since it might be of help on the physical level, even though it also doesn’t heal finitely, but its benefit is, that it removes harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites from the cells. Unfortunately, I experienced, that it disrupts and takes away the finely vibrating information of the cells. Certainly, if you wish to just heal your body, and not try to actively uphold higher information, bioresonance has more benefits. I have chosen this longer road (it might take a year) that, through diet, destroys all beneficial growing environment for harmful entities and heavy metals.