Due to the prevailing situation in the world and according to the guidelines given in Finland we will also cancel all our courses at least until 30.4.

We are now thinking about courses that could be distributed online to people. We will return to this later.

You come at these heavy times with positivity, by increasing the Light in yourself and remembering compassion. You cannot remove darkness from the world with the same low energy = heavy, negative thoughts and feelings. Now we all have a good opportunity to take this situation as a spiritual exercise and uphold the Light!

We remind you of our healings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 9 pm Finnish time ( 7 pm UTC time). You can participate in these joint transmissions of Christ Light by just asking to join in. Now our healings are directed towards the current situation in the world but you don’t have to think or ask anything specific as everything just happens automatically. In this way, we create Light where there is darkness. We create hope there, where there is despair, solace where there is sorrow, faith where there is suffering.

Due to this situation, Patrick is still at Menri Monastery in India and will, of course, do his best from there in this situation.