Month: August 2018

Work In This Time

The original questions have become even deeper lately. Who am I, what is my assignment here, what do I carry in my soul, how do I stay in contact with the Creator, my Higher Self? I saw that all searchers were pondering the same things, now more than ever. What is stopping us then from understanding, from being aware of the issues? One reason, in my opinion, is that we have accepted a certain model for ourselves, that is a joint creation of our parents, childhood, social norms and associations. The strong confirmations from previous lives, thousands of different experiences…We

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Trust as a theme

Journeying to the end of the world This time our journey went through Finland all the way to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. As I wrote earlier, many deep themes are concentrated in this time and for this trip as well. Many that took part on this trip had personal themes and we experienced many moments of joy and insight together and alone with the Upstairs. Through our own work, a bigger picture and ancient flawed programmings were cleansed. An ancient theme was shown to us long before our journey began. Throughout the years we have been bombarded (through

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Faith as a theme

The other strong theme for the group excursion to Norway was faith. To be in a group, share, consider others and to be present demands faith. Many have so-called, bad experiences and difficulties with being open and having faith with their own vulnerabilities. On the trip, we received positive experiences from the group support and empathy which certainly strengthens faith in these friends and even the goodness in humankind in general. Individual protective boundaries were expanded and still, there was acceptance. Furthermore, some were also brave enough to be present during somebody else’s difficult moments. Just like it should be…

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