Working with emotions together with the Light

Many souls are searching for contact with their own origin in this time, contact with their own Divine part. So many are missing…something
bigger, their own guidance, purer love, the true self…

What is stopping us from being in contact with our guidance, our Divine
origin, our true self?

All the lower vibrations that we have are an obstacle for pure contact. All
of our lower feelings, thoughts, and reactions have collected in our
souls and we carry them from one life to another, until we wake up and
start to work on bettering ourselves. By cleansing our lower energies,
our Light increases and our connection to our Higher self becomes
stronger and clearer. Our lower self lives together with our own Divine
self. And there is all the information about us, all the right guidance and
information to be had. Love yourself so much that you give yourself the
possibility to radiate Light, gradually and finally as completely as the
Divine part of you can actually shine.

Many years ago I was also searching, examined different directions, I
did countless exercises and meditations. They definitely brought me
forward and I gained a lot of experience and guidance during that time.
My star helpers were guiding meditations and the out-of-body travels.
They were teaching me what the human energetic build and its
countless levels look like. I was very lucky to get such personal
hands-on guidance. In addition, I have always had sisters on their
spiritual path who have supported me in the right direction. I am also
very grateful for that.

In due course, I was also guided to share all this with other searchers.
Years ago I held courses, meditation evenings, meetings and I shared
my own experiences. So much wonder and insights, moments of
happiness and vibrational change. But still, something was missing. I tried to ask and search for a method that would actually bring lasting
changes to the vibration of those who walk on their spiritual path, as
well as to everyday life since I noticed throughout the years how many
good moments and the strive for change was fleeting. Peace of mind
and faith were temporary and everyday life for many people was still so
tangled and challenging. The same problems remained; that happiness
was not lasting and the connection to ourselves did not work. Negative
feelings were guiding everything and personal negative reactions were
thrown onto everyone else. Where was the secret to lasting peace of
mind and serenity? So I kept searching…I began to increasingly
believe in and trust old methods, holy books, and scriptures. Jesus
brought a model of how to live so that God was guiding every activity
and it was founded on strong faith, that also went before experience.
Buddhist methods were striving to change the vibration in a lasting way
through self-inspection and through Buddha’s protection. Ancient lives
of the initiated interested me as well as those methods, where the high
vibration and connection to the Light were preserved.

The MAN KNOW THYSELF motto started to get a deeper meaning
and finally when I some years ago met my old friend, the missing link
was found!

My dear friend had also done research and searched for answers, he
had lived a truly pure life for a couple of decades already and had
finally created his own foolproof version of a method to reach your
Divinity, so that all people, all with equal value, regardless of
circumstances could work on developing their vibration in everyday life
and finally gain that, which all souls actually long for!

The main part of that is taking responsibility for yourself, your own
energies as well as faith in the power of the Light. At the same time,
self-knowledge increases and the possible hiccups that would keep
you from proceeding with the work no longer repeat themselves. The
person and their vibration change finitely with cleansing, thanks to
accepting and loving themselves, and finally, everyday circumstances
change. And all in a positive, improved direction.

By being aware of our own vibration and asking the Light for help when
some negative, lower energy is at the surface, by maneuvering
reactions and actions, we can actually free ourselves from the lower
energies, that hinder our contact to our Higher Self, our Divine part.
Because the Light actually comes to our aid, when we ask. It is very
logical and all vibrational laws support it.

So what does it mean to work with emotions together with the Light?

1) Be aware of yourself every day, as well as possible.
2) Take honest note of those moments and encounters when
negative feelings arise within you.
3) Identify a negative feeling when it is active, i.e when it is on the
surface of your energy field and accept that it is there within you,
don’t try to smother it or hide it from yourself.
4) Immediately ask for help from the Light; God, Buddha, Christ,
Angels, etc. They are the higher power of the Light and can work
with you, if only you chose the Light and ask for help. For
example: “I ask, that Christ cleanses this envy from me” or “Dear
Angel, take away this jealousy from me.”
5) Don’t react by throwing negative feelings on others, i.e that you
blame other people, circumstances or the surrounding world for
your own feelings or reactions.
6) Trust, that you are heard and helped!
7) Remember, that you can not lie on the vibrational level, even if
you can lie to yourself.
8) Take joy in the fact that the negative feelings arise in you so that
you can accept them and get to know yourself, you are getting
help and the Light in you increases!
9) Also, take joy in all the happy moments and the serenity of your
10) Do good deeds, be as positive as possible and enjoy all the
beauty around you. Love those who are closest to you to the best
of your ability.

Go forward with joy!

This work with the powers of the Light is efficient, it is nothing new, no
trendy method of this time, just updated to this time from old holy

Out of a clear-sighted perspective, a negative feeling/ thought/reaction
is visible in our aura as a dark, impure and often unpleasant energy
cloud. Its shape, strength, and direction vary, but I can allege that all
people, even “angelic” ones, have all kinds of things in their energy
field, if they have not cleansed it actively through their own spiritual
work. Indeed, no one is better or worse than the other on the energetic
level…we all have things to cleanse.

That, which we are in this life, is a compilation of all of our lives. We
are the sum of them, as our feelings are the part of how we act. Those and all our programmings from this life tug us in this and that direction,
we are all slaves under it, although we believe ourselves to be very
spiritual already…

When the Light, i.e the energy which creates and upholds life,
increases in us then all our good feelings increase and strengthen as
well. We change and get in contact with our Higher Self and its
guidance. Eventually we can shine as brightly as the Light that we truly
are and at last, we will get to know our plan for this life, the main task.
Happiness and Light would also increase in the people around you,
and finally, all negativity within us would lose its grip and transform into
unconditional love. Humanity would change as a unit at once.

Now is the right time to take responsibility for yourself, your own
vibration and start a real spiritual trip. This method offers good tools for
that if you don’t have the opportunity to go for a life long retreat with
some higher learning teacher.

If each person could only look at themselves, their own feelings and if
they started to work on cleansing themselves, the world would
change, since there would no longer be any room for the negative
force in anyone’s life. I know, that Mother Earth would also sigh with
relief and gratitude!

Those souls that have a higher vibration can no longer hurt
themselves, anybody else or this wonderful planet, which is our home
and gives us the possibility of life in the body.

In addition to this daily work with emotions, it could be good to think
about all the choices we make… Does this act or direction which I am in
increase Light and bring my soul closer to my Divine part and its
guidance. Food, drink, the environment that you are in, company
etc…they all affect the energy.

Positive exercise, meditation, and clean nature are also good.
It is also important to focus on happiness, to strive for positivity and
compassion at the same time as you cleanse the lower energies in
yourself. Being in contact with Mother Earth, companionship with
others that walk this path, as well as open discussion give tremendous
support as we strive for a happier and more balanced life. Through the
work, we do with ourselves. Be that change, that you would wish to see
in the world. Each and everyone’s work helps the entirety and maybe the
day will come when we have reached the critical mass and the long-awaited big awakening will happen!