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A Powerful Lunar Eclipse Day

Thursday 18.7.2019  – Eija The day of the Lunar Eclipse had strong energy and had an effect on vibration, at least on us. We arrived in Glastonbury in the afternoon and our directions were to move to the Tor hill around 6 pm and spend a couple of hours there meditating. There was a constant stream of people climbing up the hill and we joined in the line. You could see already from the very bottom of the hill that its energy field appeared as shining in the colors of a rainbow. Also, there was a similar kind of beam heading…

Our trip to England 10.-21.7.2019

This is our first leisurely morning since we arrived in England. I get to sit in total peace in the garden of our accommodation and enjoy the silence. Only natural sounds surround the space. A cute little wren is keeping me company in a jasmine tree above. Its happy singing melts my heart and makes my smile reach my eyes. The fragrance from the jasmine tree reaches me occasionally when the wind blows towards my bench. There is a fountain burbling in front of me and it is surrounded by rosebushes in full bloom. Beautiful colors, deep red, rose, and…

Lunar Eclipse 16.7.2019

Monday 15.7.2019 – Eija I’m writing my blog on the lunar eclipse surrounded by strong ancient Celtic energies because we are on a holiday (working) trip in England, and today we arrived at the sceneries of Glastonbury. The purpose is also to receive this eclipse somewhere around here. The moon will darken in 25 degrees of Capricorn and the Sun is still in Cancer. There are many strong planetary aspects taking place and therefore affecting the quality of this eclipse. But as I’m not an astrologer, I will not go deeper into that theme but will tell about the energies…

Solar Eclipse 2.7.2019

Sunday 30.6.2019 – Eija There will be a total solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer lighting the sky on 2.7. which unfortunately cannot be seen here in Finland. As always before, there are themes related to the eclipse that will be reflected on earth through that event. The latest week has surely already shown the energies of the coming eclipse as they have been slowly streaming down also to our world. A strong theme of curing/healing of past lives is rising to the surface… The sensitive, vulnerable and fearful sides of us have been the target of a wake-up….

Summer solstice 21.6.2019

Sunday 16.6.2019 – Eija This year we get to receive the energies of the summer solstice on 21.6. at 6.54 pm (Finnish time). I explored the theme of this solstice here in Dharamsala where we are getting ready for Patrick’s solar return. His solar return falls at a wonderful point in time because the Buddhists are in the middle of their Saga Dawa month (4.6.-2.7.) when all spiritual practices and good deeds will multiply by 100 000. The most important day is, however, tomorrow 17.6. which is the day of the full moon when all virtues will grow million fold….