Readings & Healings


The reading is based on your date of birth, where I look at the soul’s information for this life.

The information shows me your situation at the moment, ongoing challenges or possibilities. It also tells me about the theme for your personal development year and in which ways you will be supported during different periods.

The reading also opens doors to your old lives and their influence in this life.
With the help of the Soul path we can, together with you, work through the challenges in your life as well as their solutions and look at the directions of the moment, as well as the possibilities. I also look at which gifts you have brought to this life.

During the reading, I also examine the plan for this life, which has been constructed with regard to the development of the soul. In the readings that I do, the helpers of the Light are always with and we have their guidance.

The reading can be done during a personal meeting or per e-mail. The personal meeting lasts for about an hour and costs 66€ and the e-mail reading 88€. Tour readings 40-50€/or free donation.

Appointments with Eija by email

There is currently a longer waiting time for my written soulpath readings.


I often get the question of how I do my readings. Here is a communal answer for everyone.

The SOUL PATH-reading is based on birth dates. It is a reading that entails the belief and the idea of reincarnation and the lessons of the soul in each life. Our soul is like an information bank of everything we have experienced during all of our lives, but it is also our connection to the Holy Spirit, the Creator, the Highest Power.

It is a lane that quickly opens the door for me to the current life energies of the soul. From which the present situation the past and the future can be read. With its help, guidlines are given, where I can see which choices that might come your way. Your gifts, abilities and challenges will also appear.
The life energies of the previous lives are also always present and the information that emerge through them, what there is to learn, cleanse, to let go of…

I do not strive to read your future, but my aim is to help you make favourable, proactive choices that serve your personal development. By taking responsibility for your own path, with my help, you get the most possible use out of my reading.

Naturally, I also answer questions and give advice, to the extent that it is allowed. Everyone has periods in life that carry a certain theme, and just by finding it you can get confirmation for changes and choices to be made.


Energy treatments – the aid work

The present energy treatments I do together with Patrick focus on cleansing the energy field and cutting off harmful connections (for example, old human relationships.)

Patrick’s specialty is the cleansing of very negative entities from the energy field and the cutting off of harmful energy connections from both this life and previous lives.

Often a trauma from a previous life is activated in some situation and it causes inexplicable fears, exaggerated emotional reactions, etc. By cutting off the connections the past will no longer “feed” more harmful energy, but you can focus on the challenges of this life and move forward. Cutting off traumas will also help on the spiritual road towards freedom.

I “scan” the energy field and the physical body of the client in order to find blockages in the energy flow or even physical diseases.

We both have a very long spiritual education, from many different lives, of both treatments and examining the past.

Energy treatments are cleansing, balancing and makes way for opening up spiritually. It can also be healing.

Highly vibrating Light is also present during our treatments. Then you can also get answers to your questions and support by your side.

Voluntary payment for treatments.


In addition to energy treatments, we can also cleanse your home, your place of work or your environment from harmful thought or emotional energies, or remove radiation that weakens health.

We send souls on their way from homes and other places, that have stayed in a “middle state” by directing them towards the light.

We also break curses from places, families, people, etc.

We no longer provide distance treatments, but every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9 pm (Finnish time) there is an opportunity to connect with a communal healing, just by letting the upstairs know that you want to join.