These books have been channeled for this time to everyone that is yearning for tools of spiritual development in their daily life. These books advise you how to work with the Light in such a way that your own vibration would become cleaner, higher, and eventually, the connection to your Highest Self could open up. Read more…

Largìmi y raj I
Largìmi y raj II
10 €
10 €
Largìmi y raj I & II20 €
Largìmi y raj I & II20 €
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In addition to the books, a deck of 90 cards, has been channeled. They are meant to help your daily spiritual work. They are only sold together with the book Largìmi y raj I & II.

If you are in a mood that you don’t understand or the mood does not seem to ease, you can lift 3 cards to help and guide you. You might get a direct answer or the card can remind you of the bigger picture and the significance of this work.

The price for the cards is 20 € without postage.

Soul Path Reading

The reading is based on your date of birth, where I look at the soul’s information for this life. The information shows me your situation at the moment, ongoing challenges, or possibilities. It also tells me about the theme for your personal development year and in which ways you will be supported during different periods. The reading also opens doors to your old lives and their influence in this life. Read more…

Include your own and your possible partner’s birthday times together with a short explanation of your situation. What are you looking for, what kind of questions do you have?

The delivery time of the soul path reading varies depending on the circumstances and how many orders there are in line. You will get more information on the delivery time soon after we have received your order.

The price of the soul path reading is 90 € (inc. 24% VAT).

Luxia Island Retreat

Are you in need of true peace and a break away from your daily life so you could only concentrate on yourself and spirituality? During summer 2020 we offer you retreats to meditation/self-development on a magnificent cliff island in the Turku archipelago. True quality time with yourself in the most beautiful summery surroundings… Read more…

The price for the retreat is 600 € per person (inc. 24% VAT).

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